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Letters to the Wisdom Community from Cynthia and Wisdom Waypoints

Dear friends,

I am just back from European travels where I had the pleasure of guiding a few retreats and events, and feel re-invigorated as in-person gatherings are once again opening up.

If you would like to receive periodic notifications and news of my upcoming events, courses, and writings I encourage you to sign up at my ‘home base’ organization Wisdom Waypoints. Their dedicated team will be keeping you informed of opportunities and sharing updates on my offerings and emerging programs and developments from my wider Wisdom community network.

If you would like to contribute to their efforts and support the growing interest and need for Wisdom resources and practices, please consider a donation to their annual fundraiser. You can find out more in the letters from me and from the Wisdom Waypoints Council below.


A Letter to the Wisdom Community from Cynthia Bourgeault

Dear Wisdom friends:

This has truly been a banner year for Wisdom Waypoints. We emerge out of 2021 with a new name, a new website, new energy, and a powerful new sense of direction as we step forward together into the next leg of the journey.

As our planet has struggled with a worldwide pandemic, we at Wisdom Waypoints have worked hard to strengthen our collective Wisdom presence and ride the leading edge of what will no doubt be permanent shifts in contemplative delivery systems. Online learning is here to stay, and that change brings the opportunity to extend the Wisdom tradition to seekers all over the world, as well as the danger of diluting a tradition whose mode of transmission has traditionally been “on the ground” and “one on one.”  We are actively engaging this crisis, and the creativity has been flying!

You see the results in our stunning new website, completely redesigned to support the transition from a regional community network to a virtual Wisdom university. It’s much more visual, organized, and resource-oriented, allowing folks even in remote corners of the network to access a rich and growing archive of Wisdom resources and to participate actively in dialogue, online study and practice groups.

One of the important mission goals of Wisdom Waypoints is to actively midwife an emerging generation of Wisdom teachers. Our new website serves as the central hub for this activity, showcasing new voices and emerging talents in a variety of team-led efforts.

I myself still harbor a stubborn fondness for old-fashioned, on the ground teaching, and thanks to the wonderful support of our Wisdom Council (who kept the online programs and core curriculum flowing) I was able during respites in the pandemic to continue to work on the ground with small groups and largely experimental material. During the winter we took a deep dive into both the Gurdjieff exercises as a foundation for a deepening imaginal engagement with the Christian mystical tradition, and also, into the development of a pilot course in “Civics for Wisdom Students,” intended to help bring a Wisdom perspective to the deepening political impasses of our times.

Who knows where 2022 will land us? At this point, on-the-ground retreat work seems to be picking up again, and you’ll see a much more balanced menu of traditional Wisdom schools and practice days, led by both myself and others in the network.

We couldn’t have done it without you, our wider Wisdom network. Many of you have already generously donated your “time, talent, and treasure” to make this transformation happen, and together we have arrived at a strong new starting point. But the real work is only just beginning, and as we embark now on our 2021 fundraising campaign, it’s more important than ever to keep the momentum building.

The campaign is our one annual shot at raising the funds needed to support the whole infrastructure that makes Wisdom Waypoints possible. We hope that you will respond generously.

The crisis our planet is facing is far from over, and danger and opportunity are still running neck and neck. Help us to do what Wisdom has always done in these times of crisis: to be a true waypoint: a star to steer by, a sturdy hand on the helm to keep the ship on course.

All blessings,




Contribute to the Annual Fundraiser HERE >>>


A Letter from the Wisdom Waypoints Council

Dear beloved Wisdom community:

Wisdom Waypoints Council

Once again, we who serve on the Wisdom Waypoints Council turn to those of you who are part of the broad Wisdom community to help us build and sustain this ever-growing worldwide network of Wisdom seekers.  Whether you have only recently come to know us or whether you are a long-term friend and colleague, we invite you to become an integral part of the creative force that is Wisdom Waypoints.

There are many ways to join with us in this work that is both personal and collective: by participating in the community through a group, a course, or a meditation or practice circle; or asking questions and sharing your experience as you deepen your inner life and bring it into your daily life; or perhaps you simply want to hone a practice or learn a new chant with the assistance of our resource page. All of these things and more bind us together in this work.

So many of us are feeling a call to a greater presence and awareness about how we live, love, and share our being in the world, not for ourselves but for the common good. We are grateful for the support that is coming to Wisdom Waypoints from the Imaginal and for the many ways the Wisdom community at large is wholeheartedly participating in building this resource.

As we look ahead to the coming year and the ways we hope to serve, we once again ask for your financial support though your gift to our Annual Fund.

In solidarity and gratitude,

Marcella and Matthew
on behalf of Wisdom Waypoints Council




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