Get Involved

If you want to engage with Cynthia’s teaching more fully, here are some of her major networks.

All of these are websites lead you to interactive membership communities, offering you opportunities to make contact, request information, sign up for events, and donate to help support the work. We thank you in advance for your interest and look forward to meeting you in person!

The Center for Action and Contemplation

Cynthia is an emeritus core faculty member of the Living School for Action and Contemplation (CAC).  A number of Cynthia’s online courses continue to be hosted by CAC. You can find details in their course catalog listings here.

Northeast Wisdom (Wisdom Waypoints)

Northeast Wisdom (soon to become Wisdom Waypoints)  is Cynthia’s Wisdom “home base,” a lively and growing international network of individuals, small communities, and emerging Wisdom teachers. Under the guidance of a six-member “Wisdom Council,” it serves up varied fare of online courses, retreats, and practice group, as well as on-the-ground seminars and retreats when circumstances once again permit. It is the sponsoring organization for Cynthia’s highly popular annual Stonington Wisdom Ingathering and for most of her regional New England and mid-Atlantic retreat work. It also maintains a lively website with lots of opportunities for interaction both with Cynthia’s teaching and with fellow Wisdom students.

The Wisdom Way of Knowing

This remarkable Wisdom resource center, the Wisdom Way of Knowing,  is the creation of artistic and entrepreneurial genius Robbin Brent, who early on saw the need for such a resource and built it as a labor of love for both present and future generations of Wisdom seekers. It contains perhaps the most exhaustive and authoritatively catalogued archive of Cynthia’s collected teaching, as well as a unique collection of video teachings and full-fledged online courses, filmed over the past several years at on-the-ground Wisdom Schools in Maine, Arizona, and Western North Carolina

The Contemplative Society

The British Columbia-based Contemplative Society is Cynthia’s pilot Wisdom community and the Wisdom hub for the Pacific Northwest. Its unique claim to fame is an extraordinary series of audio teachings dating back to 1999 and literally marking the emergence and evolution of this particular lineage. While most of these audios are Cynthia Bourgeault teaching, an increasing number of emerging Wisdom voices are also included in these offerings, including Matthew Wright and Mirabai Starr.

Cynthia’s network is made up of thoughtful organizations that support her work and the contemplative community. Click the above logos to explore.