Welcome from Cynthia

Welcome to my newly redesigned website!

The purpose of this site is to give you an overview of my teaching and keep you in the loop about upcoming events and recent articles, blog posts, podcasts, and online learning opportunities I’ve been engaged in. For those interested, you’ll also find links to my main teaching networks and to a lively community of fellow seekers. As space permits, I’ll also share a bit about what I’m writing, thinking, and doing with myself these days as our planet collectively soldiers on.

At the top of the list, I’m delighted to announce the arrival of my most recent book, Eye of The Heart, which was published just this past September. It’s my tenth book, I think, and in many ways it bookends to my very first, Love Is Stronger than Death. Though I had no idea (consciously, anyway) while I was writing it that a worldwide pandemic was about to descend upon us, some deeper knowing seemed to have guiding the process, and folks are finding the material extremely helpful as we all struggle to find our new bearings. The book has been received well, with a major excerpt now running in the current issue of PARABOLA magazine.

Three recent podcasts have also emerged from the new book, including a lively dialogue on GOOP. You’ll find them all listed here on the videos and podcasts tab. I’ve also included a bit of writing I’ve been doing around Jean Gebser’s iconic book The Ever-Present Origin. This magisterial scholarly work was originally published in 1951 and most widely known today as the primary influence on Ken. Wilber’s popular evolutionary theory. But Gebser’s original differs in some telling nuances, and in precisely those nuances I find a possible key to healing the impasse that has locked so much of contemporary culture in what looks to be an unresolvable culture war. Gebser’s challenging insights are potentially game-changing, and so far the level of conversation that has been generated around these posts gives me real hope that there is indeed “third force” out here waiting to be tapped.

You’ll find the retreat and events offerings pretty slim pickings for the moment, alas. Such is life in the pandemic “new normal.” I have made the conscious choice to prioritize on-the-ground work with very small, prepared groups and to not let myself get engulfed in zoom teaching and retreats. This is partially a matter of personal preference, but more a matter of sensing my way into the post I am called to occupy during these transitional times. From my longtime work on Imaginal exchange (the subject of Eye of the Heart), I am indeed concerned about the electromagnetic inflammation of the planetary atmosphere—not so much for reasons of personal health, but in order to maintain and optimal environment for the giving and receiving of assistance between the worlds, which goes on in basically this same bandwidth. Since few others seem to be thinking about this as yet, it’s mine to keep faith with as best I can. I haven’t entirely pulled the plug, but I pick my engagements carefully, with an eye toward those with the highest prospects for consistent, thoughtful reflection and new courses of action emerging.

We did record some of these on-the-ground sessions  this past fall, and you’ll find free audio links to the talks available until early next year.

And of course, the down time is a hermit’s paradise! I read, write, and as much as I can in Maine in winter, play in my boats—just like you see in the videos here, but about 50 degrees colder!

So welcome to you all, wherever you’re starting from. Let’s do the work together, combining the deepest wisdom of our Christian contemplative heritage with the engaged action of the eye of the heart, wide awake and staring straight into birth canal of our own times.